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Thursday, February 15, 2007


We signed Ian up for T-ball tonight. I think it starts around April 15th. It might require some creative scheduling. Hopefully, none of the games or practices will be on Wednesday nights. Our Wednesday nights are booked until the middle of May.
Ian isn't so sure about T-ball. He told us that he didn't want to play T-ball. I told him that he didn't know what it was and it would be good for him to try.
T-ball out here is through Little League, so that should be neat. Now we're selling candy bars to raise money for Little League here in town. Ian has already sold $10 worth and he just got them at 7 pm. Mommy and Daddy each bought one candy bar and our very sweet neighbors bought eight from him. How cool is that?
As for not wanting to play T-ball...this evening after he had sold the candy bars, Ian told me 'I wish T-ball would hurry up and start so I can see what it's like.'
Anybody want to buy a candy bar from a cute kid?

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