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Monday, February 5, 2007

Santa Claus

If you're surprised to see this topic in February...I was surprised that my son and his friend were still debating this topic in February. We were in my van and they started talking about Santa. Probably Ian's cousin said something about a toy he had being a gift from Santa. Here's what the conversation sounded like:
***side note: our son knows the truth about Santa. We told him when he was old enough to understand the concept of Santa that Mommy and Daddy pretend to be Santa. Until this year, he was content to keep this information to himself. But his cousin firmly believes in's brought up some interesting conversation between the two boys. Now, on to today's conversation.
Ian: It's not from Santa. It's really from your mom and dad. Santa isn't real.
Cousin: Yes, he is. I know he's real because I got presents under the tree marked from Santa. Did you get presents marked from Santa?
Ian: No, because it's your mom and dad.
Cousin: Maybe you didn't get any presents marked from Santa because you weren't very good last year.
Seeing that this was going to lead to an even bigger discussion I interject the fact that at our house, Santa does not wrap the presents from him, therefore, they are not marked.
Cousin: Ian, Santa is real. He's a spirit and you can't see.
Ian: You don't see him because he's your mom and dad and they save some presents and put them under the tree to surprise you.
Honestly, they could argue about this topic until they both passed out! I finally had to tell them to stop talking about Santa. The cousin asked me whether Santa was real or not, but I referred him to his parents for discussion on the topic. I'm not going to be the one to let Santa out of the bag! At least the groundhog is real, he's a safe topic.

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