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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Extra Tumbling

Ian went early to tumbling today to make up part of a day that he had missed. He was very energetic and could not stand still in line. Here's a couple of highlights from today.
Ian was stretching with the class and they started doing bridges. He did a few bridges, (which he's improved at doing) and decided he wanted to show his teacher. He got her attention and did his bridge and was so proud of himself. He told her "I can do it all by myself." Then he looked straight at me in the little audience area and announced "that doesn't mean I can do them at home! We don't have a mat."
Later they were working on the straddle roll..that's where you sit with your legs spread out, put your arms between your legs and lift your body up and roll forward. Ian told his teacher he was having trouble because 'his legs were just too heavy'.
He was at tumbling for an hour and a half and he was still going a hundred miles a minute!

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