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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Getting Up to Date

Well, I didn't blog yesterday, so it's time to get up to date. Yesterday I went to the state capitol building to an awards ceremony. Colin was receiving an award for saving the state money. He used his wickedly smart brain to do some cool math and computer stuff to save the state around $53,000 a year. A couple other people helped him with some of the thought process (and he made sure to give them credit) so it was a team award. Pretty cool. He was already awarded some money for that,too. Way to go Colin!
After that was work and then Awana/Bible study...both went very well.
Today Colin was feeling very ungroovy so he stayed home...I think he has a touch of the same bug Ian and I have been fighting. He recovers much quicker than I do and was feeling better in the afternoon, so he got to go with us to Ian's tumbling class. Ian had a great time and I didn't have to help..there was a teenager assisting. Ian did some great backward rolls today! Way to go Ian!
I am getting a new digital camera for Valentine's day. I am very excited. The digital camera I'm using now is a dinosaur. The shutter speed is so slow, you could paint a picture faster! The new camera has ZOOM. I mean it has ZZZOOOMMMMMMM!!!! 12x optical zoom. I am already thinking of all the yummy pictures I can take. Cute birdies in my yard, flowers...maybe a froggy(I won't touch it, but I'd "shoot" it!) Well I think I've done my updating. Tomorrow Ian is spending the night (and Sat. night, too) at his grandma and grandpa's house. That means I will experience quiet. Well, some quiet. My husband will be here and whether he wants to admit it or not, he makes almost exactly the same noises as Ian. Here's to a little peace and quiet. May grandma and grandpa survive the invasion of noise for a little while.

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