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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Fighting Something

Well, I'm fighting something again. I haven't quite decided if it's a cold bug or allergies. Not that I really care, I just want it to go away. The last two mornings I've woken up with a ooky nose and a voice that would make Darth Vader sound feminine.
So I have purchased the allergy medicine that I ran out of right before this started and am taking extra vitamin c in the hopes that this will go away quickly.
Yesterday was a busy day. Work and Bible study for me, Awana for Ian. We ran some errands before work and after AWANA. I think we were gone over 12 hours yesterday.
I took Ian and his cousin to McDonald's yesterday to have lunch and play on the Playland. Please watch your kids like a hawk when you are places like that. I tend to do that already, but yesterday sure reinforced that for me. There were lots of kids playing when we got there, some big kids, some younger kids. Many left shortly after we got there since it was getting close to 1:00. There were some girls and another little boy...probably 3 1/2 or 4 yrs. old. Another mom came in a little bit later with her 4 yr. son and 2 1/2 yr. old daughter. Ian and his buddy were playing so I was watching all the kids play. I saw that the two younger boys buddied up and thought that was cute. They ran around awhile and then they sat together in a kind of clear "bubble" thing up high in front of me. They were smiling and laughing. The younger looking boy was kind of grabbing at the other 4 yr. old. I thought I saw something that shouldn't happen, looked and again and thought 'yep, better stop that'. The younger boy kept pulling at the 4 yr. old's pants, mostly at the back, but some at the front. I wasn't the only one who could see this, but no one else was saying anything so I told the 4 yr. old's mom that she probably wanted to get her son away from the other boy. She started over to the bubble, by this time the poor boy's little bum was completely exposed, she started hollering for her son to get away and for the other boy to stop. The other boy completely smashed his face into the 4 yr. old's bum. The other lady (the one who had brought the younger boy) had to crawl up in there and get him away from the 4 yr. old. The 4 yr. old's mom thanked me over and over. It was pretty disturbing. I'm super cautious when older kids are in there, but I guess you just never know, this time it was a little kid. I will definitely be keeping an even closer watch if we're at one of those Playlands.

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