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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cookie Day take 2

I tried to do this earlier..I had it all written and then something went wrong with blogger and I lost my post. Ugh! So here we go again. I am making cookies today. I volunteered to bring "several dozen" cookies for Ian's Awana Valentine party. Several dozen is just ambiguous enough to let me bring as many as I wish as long as it's more than a dozen. I guess I'm making two kinds. Ian wants sugar cookies to decorate and I want something easy...chocolate chip. I'm starting in a few minutes.
Ian is getting ready to do his handwriting. He did his math earlier and then I sent him to some play time. He started doing math with his Fisher Price Little People. I was on the computer and he asked me math questions. "Hey mom, is two plus two four?" Yes. "Is three plus two five?" Yes. I had to peek and see what he was doing. I saw his little people lined up in a group of three and a group two. Clever boy!
Sunday after church we had lunch with Colin's parents. We went to JJ North's. It's a buffet and if you watch what you're doing, it's possible to eat healthy there. Of course, they have some really yummy stuff that isn't healthy at all, but it is possible. We had finished our meal and I asked Ian if he would like to go get some dessert. Of course, he wanted dessert! So we went over and picked out our dessert. On our way back to our table, a server came out to check on what was running low on the buffet. So she hollered to the back 'I need chicken nuggets and okra.' She said it several times and every time she said it I kind of grinned to myself because it sounded like she needed Oprah not okra. I guess I wasn't the only one who had this thought because the last time she said she needed okra a guy in the kitchen hollered back, 'and Dr. Phil!'. Hee hee. That tickled my funny bone

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