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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Funny Things from Ian

This morning after Colin had gotten up and had been moving around the house for a little while, he headed back toward our bedroom and found Ian sitting cross-legged in the hallway with a sad face. He asked Ian what was wrong and Ian told him that it wasn't fair that Daddy got to get up first, before anyone else!
This evening when Ian was praying for our dinner, we were reminded of how easily he memorizes things and how impressionable he is. His prayer went something like this:
Dear Jesus, Thank you for our food and our friends. Thank for making all the food and all the "ingredients for life." Now if you live out here and you think that phrase sounds familiar, you're right. It's the slogan for Safeway...Ingredients for Life. The last time we went to Top Foods he announced their slogan as we were walking in the store. He looked up and pointed at their sign (which he can't read) and said, "Look mom, 'Quality in the bag, savings in the bill'." He's a little sponge...and we really limit his TV time. I can't imagine what he would be quoting if he watched all the time!
He was so cute tonight. He put on his footed jammies (which always reminds me of when he was a baby and little toddler), they barely fit. They were stretching. I took some pictures. I think I'll try to find a younger one of him and then one from tonight. Enjoy!

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