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Saturday, January 13, 2007


Colin's Grandpa just turned 91. 91! That is amazing to me. If you knew you were going to live until 91 or longer, what would you do?? You wouldn't need to worry about a will until you were at least 85. You wouldn't need to worry about life insurance until the last year of age you could be and still lock in the good rate. You would know for sure that you'd get to meet your grandkids. You'd probably do like Grandpa George and eat sugar cereal with sugar added on top whenever you wanted. Would you floss really well several times a day knowing that those teeth had to last a really long time?
Would you travel? Write the great American novel? Find a cure for a disease?? Would you procrastinate, knowing that you had more time??
Well, unfortunately, we don't know how much time we have for our life, but if you thought of some things you would do if you had more time..why don't you do it now?
Just a thought.

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