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Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Not So New Bed

Ah, the joys of spontaneity. Yesterday we were going along fine until I saw an ad on Craigslist for a free queen size bed. They actually wanted to trade for a full size bed because they had moved to a smaller place. Well, we had a full size bed and wanted a queen. Sounded good to me so I emailed them and then we called this morning. That led to the crazy van switching, trailer borrowing round trip to make this actually work. So we planned our day accordingly. We went to church where I helped in Ian's class. Then we talked to Colin's parents about borrowing a van and their trailer (we couldn't use our van because it didn't have the connections for the trailer signals). Then on to lunch, a visit to Grandpa George (it was so much better than last time) and a quick stop to see if we even liked the bed.
We thought it looked good, so onward to Colin's parent's place 30 min. away. We had a key to the van, but it didn't work for the alarm so we waited for Colin's parents to return. After they returned it was decided that Colin's mom would ride with Colin to our house (45 min. away), help load our bed and wait for me to return with Ian while Colin drove in to Lacey(50-60 min. away)to drop off our bed and pick up the queen bed. While they did that I headed to JC Penney to get some bedding.
Now we're done. The bed is set up and Colin is already flopped in it reading a book. He didn't get back with the bed until 7:10. Long day, but now we have some room for our little boy to snuggle with us. He'd outgrown the snuggling room on our full size bed about 6 months ago. You just never know what will happen next around here!

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