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Saturday, January 6, 2007


Well, I'm not sure undecorating is really a word, but that's what I'm doing today. We've already taken down the tree and put it away. I'm still working on getting the ornaments put away. Ian was playing a computer game while we took the tree down, so by the time he came out to look it was already down. He told us we shouldn't take it down, we should put it back.
As much as I love Christmas and as much as I don't like to take down the decorations, this year I'm ready. It means I'll be able to put out my living room decorations that have been put away since we moved in October. I might even find things I've forgotten I own.
I've been listening to Christmas music while I take things down. Colin told me it's after Christmas so I shouldn't be listening to Christmas music, but I listened to it while I decorated..I'm going to listen while I undecorate, too!
I'm going to call my parents soon, but the Chiefs are playing right now so I'm waiting. There's no way I could get my dad to talk on the phone while the Chiefs are playing...unless I wanted to listen to a play by play of the game and the occasional hollering (at top volume) C H I E F S ! ! ! !
I'll wait until it's over. Go Chiefs!

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