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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Well, not too much has been happening lately. Ian had school yesterday, but not today because his cousin had a snow day and we came to work early. It's really hard to have school with Ian when his buddy is just waiting to play.
Yesterday was Colin's Grandpa's birthday. He didn't get out of bed. I hope he will do better, but he isn't a spring chicken. Colin's grandma is about to the point that she can't take care of him by herself anymore. I think I'll see if there's anything we could do to be of assistance to her today.
Ian and I now have a code word (phrase?) for when he isn't obeying and needs to and we're around other at church or a store, etc. It's pink pickle. It means obey now or you are choosing to have a consequence. I'll let you know how it far, pretty good. Hopefully, some funny things will happen soon to share with you. I could use some humor right about now. I did have one funny thing happen yesterday. I was talking on my cell phone to my mom and the other phone rang. I looked at caller id and it had a lot of letters on it something like this: GHACC. I thought it could be my vet's office, but wasn't sure so I called it back. A lady answered 'Elma Senior Center'. I explained that someone had called from that number. She laughed and said 'oh that was me. I miss dialed. Just a silly old lady who can't dial numbers.' I thanked her for the chuckle, I really needed one yesterday.

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