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Monday, January 22, 2007


We rode into town with Colin today and dropped him off at work. Then we headed over to Group Health for Ian's Dr. appointment. On the way to his appointment, I stopped by the eye clinic and set up an appointment to look at my lovely allergy eyes...yes, they're still here.
Ian's appt. went well. The doc thought his heart sounded very good, but sent us for an EKG just to be certain. Ian didn't mind the EKG. He was very good, staying quiet when the technician asked him to be quiet. He ended up holding his breath for most of the test because he forgot to ask before it started and he was following directions to be still and not talk. We'll find out the results in a few days.
Then we went to work and picked up Ian's cousin from the bus. We had a quick lunch and back out the door to go to Group Health. So they looked at my eyes and suggested that it would be helpful to find out what was causing the allergic reaction. Uh, I believe I've thought of that already. We have been washing, pitching out and eliminating anything that might have any possibility of causing this. We're even using stuff on the dog in case it's her dander!
They prescribed some new eye drops and we were on our way. The trip home held some surprise. A little old lady in a red mustang rear-ended me at a stop light. I had to get out and assess the harm done to my van or her car. We were both very relieved. I gave her a little hug(I was really trying to give her a pat on the shoulder, but she must have thought I was going to hug her, because she hugged me) and told her to be careful(in a nice "I'm concerned" way, not a mean way).
Tonight after work we're going to go visit Colin's Grandpa.

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