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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Don't Believe Everything You Read

I am chuckling to myself over this one. Today our church had a missions conference and then a lunch called A Taste of the World. There were foods prepared by missionaries from the country were they are located and a few foods that looked like they'd been fixed for kids or the picky eaters. One of those foods(labeled American) was corn dogs cut into smaller bites. It was right next to some reindeer and caribou sausage labeled Alaskan. I got my food and some for Ian and then it was Colin's turn. He came back with some corn dogs and sausage that was it. Nothing from China or Korea, Greece or Mexico..he's not that adventurous. I commented that he had a lot of the American food. He said 'no. Some of it is Alaskan.' I agreed that the sausage was Alaskan. He said 'some of the corn dogs are Alaskan'. He pointed to half the corn dogs and told me that they were Alaskan, he had seen a sign saying so. I laughed and then explained that the sign must have gotten moved, it was originally right by the sausage. A corn dogs is a corn dog and it's American. He tried to disagree and point out the differences...some had a darker spot in the middle(which I explained was a mark from being baked in the oven). Eventually, he conceded that a corn dog is American, not an Alaskan speciality.
So trust your common sense, even if some sign might tell you never know who might have been moving things around!

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