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Monday, January 1, 2007

Finally tried

Today I finally used the rosette cooking set that I bought at least four years ago. It makes kind of a fried waffle cookie thing, which is yummy, but not too exciting. And what will I do with this lovely rosette set now that I've tried it? I'm sending it to Goodwill. I can't see myself ever wanting to make these again. You fry one waffle cookie thing at a time and it makes 40 (I gave up around 10). At least I can say I'm not procrastinating anymore!
This morning I overheard my husband and son having a discussion about my son's breakfast (he was having toast, which my husband had already put in the toaster). Here's what it sounded like to me :
Daddy: What would you like on your toast?
Ian: You didn't cook it, did you? I didn't want you to cook it.
Daddy: You wanted toast. You have to toast it if you want toast.
Ian: But I didn't want it cooked.
Daddy: Well, it's too late now. What would you like on your toast?
Ian: I'd like butter on one and honey.
Daddy: Do you mean you'd like butter and honey on your toast?
Ian: No. I want butter on one and honey on the other one, but I don't want them together.
That's what he had. I'm still stuck on the untoasted toast request. Is that like a virgin drink? If you ordered it at a restaurant, would they charge extra for not toasting your toast?? Why didn't he just ask for bread?? Ah, the mind of a five year old. I'm certain it made perfect sense to him.
Happy New Year! Yes, I managed to stay up until 12:01, but I was not all the way awake. I went to bed right after I watched the firework show on TV from the Space Needle.

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