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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Parent Teeth

Today is cleaning day at our house. Well, OK, I'm the only one cleaning. Ian has no interest in it whatsoever and Colin got rid of the cardboard that has been in our garage since Christmas. Now the guys are napping and I'm on here typing.
The sun has been shining today, in between a few cloud bursts. I love seeing the sun shining. Makes me feel like spring can't be too far away.
Ian has another slightly loose tooth. Give it about a month or so and he'll be missing his two front teeth. I found his wiggly tooth when I was checking his teeth. I told him one of them was loose and he looked concerned. "That's one of my parent teeth." he told me. He did not say permanent was a parent tooth. Makes sense if you think about it, baby teeth, parent teeth..very logical. I told him it was a baby tooth. He seemed much happier about the whole thing then.

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