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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Well we made it through the first day of tumbling. Ian has decided it was pretty fun. There were a lot of kids there. For some reason some of the younger group and the older group came to the K-2 session. Next time it should be a smaller group.
Ian is definitely not up on tumbling terminology. The teacher was asking kids to do forward or front rolls. When it was Ian's turn he looked right at her and said 'I don't how to do those, but I've been practicing something for a long time. You know what it's called? Somersaults.' His teacher chuckled a little and said that that was great, it's another name for what she'd just asked him to do.
A little later the teacher was starting to teach the kids the first part of learning to do cartwheels. Ian took one look at what they were going to do and announced to his teacher that his body didn't know how to do that. I took that one on. I explained that his body could do lots of things that he might not know about yet or know how to do yet and that his teacher would show him what to do. When it was his turn, he practiced a couple of times and then turned and looked at me and said 'I do love it mom.'
I think Ian will be looking forward to tumbling next week.

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