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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The News: Why I don't like it

Do you watch the news every evening? Or jump on the Internet to see what's happening in the world? I must confess that I do use the Internet to stay current. But most the time, I just don't like the news. I've analyzed this and I think I have several reasons why. Here they are: 1. The news is usually bad...really bad..someone dying, people saying ugly things about other people...war, etc. you get the idea. The worse it is the bigger the headline. 2. If it is something positive, it is buried somewhere and you have to hunt for it in a newspaper or online. 3. The news is not like a book...I only get the dustcover description, never all the details and there's very few news items that have an ending. If the news were like a book we would have the headline which would establish our setting and characters. We would have our climax..police arrested the suspect on Tuesday after a high speed car chase. Then we would have an ending...the suspect was convicted the family is moving on with their lives and their daughter got married last year and had a baby, etc.
Do you ever see news stories and just wonder how are those people doing now?? Have they gone on with their lives or are they still grieving? And that's my point. There never is a complete conclusion to many of the news stories that we see.

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