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Friday, January 26, 2007


I'll try to get you caught up on anything I forgot to mention this week. I'll start with Monday. Monday after work we saw Colin's grandpa at the nursing home. That was pretty rough for Colin. He had a hard time seeing his grandpa looking so frail and in a room with several other elderly men. I'm sure he was thinking back to all the fun times he had with his grandpa. We didn't stay very long because Colin was about to start crying. Ian did the best of all three of us, simply accepting that grandpa was ok and being taken care of. He did tell grandpa that he thought the grandma that belonged to him must be pretty lonely without him. Ian gave grandpa some hugs and kisses before we left, which was very nice...grandpa smiled at those.
Wednesday was work and Bible study and Awana. Ian is almost done with his Awana book for the second time and just about to start on a new workbook. We signed Ian up for the Awana games in March. We'll see how that goes. already heard the news about the dog if you read my previous blog. In the afternoon Ian had tumbling. He had a great time. They worked on forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheel skills and hand stands or handsprings..I forgot which one they were doing. The line at tumbling was getting restless, so I went and stood by the kids. It got quiet so fast. Their teacher noticed it got quiet and said 'Wow! You just stand by them and they get quiet.' That's pretty much all they needed. I did have to tell Ian to pay attention a few times and when he and another boy wouldn't stop messing with each other(talking, trying to play some game, etc.) I told them that they both needed to stop and I called them both by name. You should have seen the other little boy's face when he realized I knew his name. 'How do you know my name?' he asked me. I just told him I'm good with names. I just listened to them last week and this week. I do catch on to names quickly. It's called survival. After all that substitute teaching, I'd better get names fast!
Thursday night we made our decision about Lucy. We decided that we can't afford to run a bunch of expensive tests just to find out that there is an expensive cure that we can't afford or to find out that there's nothing that can be done. So we're going to love her, let her live her life give her good food and water a little herbal supplement for her heart and just let her be the dog that she is. I already told Ian that Lucy is sick and has a bad heart and we don't know how long she will live. Not an easy decision ,but it's the best one for our family.
Now we're up to today. We're doing home school today and it's going well!!!!! Ian did his work in a reasonable amount of time and then was able to have playtime in between subjects. That's been my goal all along. I know he needs to be able to move around and wiggle. Today it finally worked the way it should. I told him that he did a great job and that as long as he keeps working hard when he has work to do...I'll keep giving him playtime in between. This afternoon we are planning to take a trip to the library.

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