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Friday, January 12, 2007

Moderate Climate

I'm pretty sure when I signed up to move out west, I was promised a moderate climate. I think I even have it in writing, if I could just find the right box, I'm sure it's there. So then, why does my outdoor thermometer say 15 degrees. That does not seem moderate to me. It seems EXTREME! Extremely cold. I know, I know, we are now suffering the change in our ozone caused by the big hair fad of the eighties. All those cans of Aquanet hairspray. If we had only known.
While I suffer the cold Arctic weather here, my in-laws are still in Hawaii. My mother-in-law called when they arrived and told me the temperature was somewhere around 80. I knew I should have packed a few extra suitcases for them. 3 to be exact. One for me. One for Colin and one for Ian. Oops! Maybe another one so Lucy the dog could go, too. I'm sure she would enjoy surfing.
Well, it's still cold here. I'm just going to have to think warm thoughts. Maybe the travel channel has a show about the Bahamas or the Caribbean. That ought to make me feel warmer. Perhaps a hot cocoa.

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