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Tuesday, January 9, 2007


My in-laws are heading to Hawaii tomorrow for a week. (Normally I say mom and dad, but I don't want to confuse my parents...they might think I got them a surprise trip or something, just kidding!). Last year we went with them. It was quite the experience. Ian got sick on the plane trip there and was sick for at least a couple of days. We weren't sure how sick he was when we arrived (it could have been airsickness) and we took him down to the beach. Obviously it was not airsickness. He decided right away that he hated sand and that he didn't like the water God made(ocean), he only liked water man made(pools).
We also went the same week as the Honolulu marathon-to Waikiki. Now if you've never been to Waikiki let me share with you what our luau tour guide shared with us. He told us that Haiwaiian natives only go into Waikiki to work. They call it the concrete jungle. It's a very pretty tourist trap. Lots of shopping and hotels, some sand, some water and a TON of people. Hopefully for mom and dad o. it will be less populated in January than last year in December.
Ian did get better before the week was over after a very long trip by bus to the emergency room with his very kind grandparents. They sent us on a luau while they took him to the dr. We beat them back. Which took a long time. The luau was a blast...I would highly recommend going to one on a trip to Hawaii.
We did get Ian to swim in the ocean. Grandma bought him a small boogie board that he had a blast playing with.
I think Ian's favorite thing about the whole trip was going to the Dole Plantation and riding on the pineapple train to see where they grow the pineapples.
My father-in-law offered to bring something back for us. Do you think balmy breezes, sand, warm ocean water and palm trees will fit on the plane?? :)

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