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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday School

I helped out in Ian's Sunday School class this morning (2nd hr.). Wow! What a big class! There were 35 5 and 6 yr. olds in his class. I had stayed because Ian had been hitting last week...a conflict over his coat. Another kid thought it belonged to his little brother.
So this week I stayed to see how Ian was interacting with the other kids. It was so busy in there that they put me to work. One of the teachers explained that they'd like to sing songs with the kids, but they weren't singers and had asked someone else to help (they were still thinking it over). So I said if they wanted to sing songs with the kids...I could do that. I've had a "little" experience with that! So we sang all the action songs I could remember off the top of my head. The kids did a great job. I've been invited to return next week and lead songs again.
So everybody pray very hard that I won't get sick so I CAN do this...every time I've volunteered in Ian's class before...I get sick. I love leading kids in singing and I know this class needs a lot of help due to it's massive size.

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