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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sunshine on my Shoulder Makes me Happy

Do you remember that song? Good ole John Denver. I always thought that line was silly. I don't know about sunshine on my shoulder making me happy, but I am certainly happy to welcome the sunshine back into my life for yet another day. That's 2 days in a row, people. Count them! 2! That's pretty cool in the Pacific Northwest. We are in the rainy season right now. You know, my darling husband didn't bother to tell me we'd be living in a rain forest when he proposed to me. I wonder how that slipped his mind??? I guess I should have known, it was even raining when he proposed to me!
I am living in the place that caused the need for so many names for rain. Back home in the Midwest we had rain. Period. That was pretty much the word for it. Out here we have: mist, drizzle, light rain, heavy rain, sprinkling, heavy fog (if you don't think that one counts, stand out in it for a while). I'm sure I'm forgetting a few, but you get the idea.
So today we rejoice and count the sunshine as what it really is, a blessing, a gift from God and definitely a rare and precious thing this time of year.

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