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Friday, January 5, 2007

Cranky Day

Today is a cranky day for the O'Neill's. Well, it's cranky for me and Ian, maybe Colin isn't cranky at work. We were up very early this morning so we could all ride in together and I could go to yet another Dr.'s appointment to see what can be done to make my eyes stop being red and itchy.
When Ian gets up early, it's usually a cranky day. He took a long time to eat his breakfast, didn't listen when we were at the Dr.'s office and pharmacy. Not in to cooperating at all. When we finished with the pharmacy, it was time for a potty break. I asked Ian to put his coat on the counter by the door (there's nothing over there so it was a good spot for coats) as usual for today, I had to ask several times, but it was finally done.
Now, the whole time that I was taking off my coat and asking Ian to take off his coat, there had been a paper towel on the floor in front of one of the bathroom stalls. I had seen it, but didn't think too much about it. Ian headed for a bathroom stall and stepped on it. I do not kid when I say it looked like one of those prat falls on a banana in a really old movie. Feet flying up in the air, a moment when his whole body is in the air and splat, he's on the floor. He looked at me like 'what just happened?' I tried. I really did. Once I knew he was ok, I tried really hard not to laugh, but it was really a funny sight and then he gave me the angry pouty face (kind of like the I'm not a happy camper picture posted on here) and I laughed. Laughing did not make him happy. He decided he was very angry at the paper towel so he went over and picked it up and said something in a mean tone of voice. Something to the effect of: bad paper towel, it's all your fault, I'm going to rip you up. Which is what he did. He ripped it up and threw it away.
Just so you know, I did tell Ian I was sorry that I was laughing at his mishap(I said this while I was laughing) but it was such a funny sight to see. I gave him a big hug. I think his ego has bounced back by now.

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