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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Long Day

Yesterday was a very long day. Wednesdays usually are a long day for and bible study for me and Awana for Ian. Yesterday was even longer. Colin was working overtime which meant the dog needed to come with me...she needs to go out a little more frequently since she's been on this antibiotic. I left the house yesterday morning at 10 am and got home around 9:30 pm.
We did have some fun, though. Lucy got to come into the garage where I nanny and the boys got to play fetch with her for a while. Ian got to watch Over the Hedge..I think I watched at least 20 min. of it. It looked like fun.
Ian had a good time at Awana. He didn't want to go. He'd been off for 3 weeks, I think. Anytime he has a break he balks at going back, but he has a great time.
My bible study was really good. We're studying the book of Daniel. It's a Beth Moore study. Last night we watched the DVD part. We've just gotten to the part where we'll be studying end time events. It should be good.
Lucy got to go to church, too. Well not really, but she did come in for a minute after Awana and Bible study to meet a couple of people. They thought she was very cute. She agreed with them. She got to meet a few kids, too. Funny, the little boys just pushed past her like she wasn't there, but the little girls stopped and petted her and gazed at her with love.

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